Theraband Exercises

When somebody has to be trained for strength, therabandexercises are generally the perfect way to do that. These can also be used for various physical therapies as well. Most of the times, they are used to stretch the feet so as to make the body more flexible. Athletes and dancers generally opt for them. However, the use of the therabandis not so simple. Either you should perform the exercise under the direction of a physical therapist, or you should first learn about the right steps to use the Theraband. This article discusses how you can perform the Theraband Exercises in the right manner. Go through it and follow:

Buy Appropriate Theraband

There is not just one kind of therabandavailable in the market but many. Most of them contain latex but if someone is allergic to latex, the Theraband which is latex free are also provided by the manufacturers. You can find the one which is perfect for you at the physical therapy office or through online retail stores.

Theraband ExercisesMaintain your Posture

Before starting with the Theraband exercises, you would need to make sure that your posture is appropriate. You have to stand straight aligned with a wall and your back should be straight, and your shoulders and hipsshouldbe aligned straight. Further, your stomach muscles should also be engaged. If your posture is not right, it would be a good idea to improve on it first before moving on to the exercise.

Find the Point where Theraband would be secured

While performing the Theraband exercises, you would need to make sure that the Theraband is secured to an immobile point. You can either use a door handle or a heavy machinery part to do that, or you can choose a wall. For that, you can buy anchor points as well, there are many of them available in the market. And, before installing them, read the instructions properly.

Wrap the Theraband Properly

In order to get the best workout through the Theraband exercises, you would need to make sure that you have installed them properly. Further, you should wrap them around your feet properly. Your thumb and the index finger jointsshouldget covered with the Theraband properly. Your motive is to increase resistance, so make sure that you use the short end of the theraband to hang down on across your wrist and the long end on the inside of the wrist.

Breathe in and Out Carefully

The most important part of the Theraband exercises is breathing in and out. So, make sure you do it right. When you pull your arms or legs away from the body, you should inhale, and when returning to the original position, you should exhale out.

Warm up is Important

Unlike the other kinds of the exercises, the Theraband Exercises essentially require that you warm up before starting. It would reduce the risk of the injury while exercising and would also make sure that you get the best results out of the exercise. You can have a brisk walk of 5 minutes, or just spend a little while on your stationary bike before starting with the therabandexercises.

Try without Theraband

If you are not an expert at it, it would be a good idea to first do the exercise without the Theraband and when you are comfortable with it, just pick up the Theraband and do the exercise with it. This would keep you in proper alignment and the required resistance would be provided to you when you use Theraband afterwards.

Be Slow and Steady

No one is born perfect and you need to learn the Theraband exercises slowly. If you try to do it quick in the first go, you would not only injure yourself, but you might also lose the interest in the exercise. Further, quick movements aren’t going to help your muscles, but slow and steady quality movements are certainly going to affect it.

Do not forget to Stretch

The Theraband workout can be extremely tiring, and to get into your normal body positions, you would need to stretch after the workout is complete. Make sure you focus on the areas which you just exercised.